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Welcome to amare

Advanced Maternal & Reproductive Education AUSTRALIA

AMaRE is a not for profit educational body that is focused on education for maternal and reproductive health care providers. Our courses encompass multidisciplinary team work and learning collaboratively to improve outcomes for women and families.

AMaRE is the umbrella organisation under which the ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) and BABE (Becoming a Breech Expert) courses sit. In the future, we plan to have more courses that fit the brief of maternal and reproductive health education.

AmeraAMaRE predominantly works in Australia and in the Australia Pacific region. As we are a not-for-profit organisation, any surplus funds are used to develop future courses and/or to facilitate courses in resource poor settings. For more information about our international work click here.The philosophy that has made ALSO such an enduring contributor to the Australian maternity education space will underpin AMaRE’s course development, content and instructor selection now under AMaRE.